At Todd Mitchell Associates, we’ve turned easy access to sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Zip Recruiter and Glass Door to a major advantage in meeting the talent acquisition and recruitment needs of insurance carriers and brokers within the property and casualty industry throughout the United States.

As a result, our ability “Exposing hidden Talent” and then matching candidates with clients has never been better. And that says a lot considering that during our long history close to 75% of the professionals we place, remain employed with our clients a minimum of four-plus years. Many, enhanced their careers with success.

Sure, you might have the same access to those employment search engines. However, our experience has shown that there are many HIDDEN nuances involved in the recruitment process that is critical in identifying the most qualified candidates to match your long-term goals and objectives. The last thing a business wants to do is to hire someone who is not the right fit for the team. That not only wastes time and money it could create negative ripple effects for months or years after the fact.

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